Love letters from the internet

An email from one of my blog visitors:

hello sweety ,
compliment of the day to you. my name is miss Sofia i am 23yrs old, i went through a profile that speaks good of you, i took interest on it . if you dont mind i will like to know you much better. i came on line to search for a true love, for my missing bone, for my loss Angal. if you are that my bone i have being searching i will be hapy to see you writing back to me at my private e mail encluded. GODbless you as your replying to me , take care. best regard miss Sofia

She had me at bone. 🤩

I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air…

I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not…

*breaks down, puts up old iPad on eBay*

Him: OMG, Frank is gonna spend all his money on yet another overhyped Apple product, somebody stop him!!!

Frank (imitating Scotty): But KEPTIN, I have to do it, the new iPad is 0.5 pounds lighter!!! If I don’t get it, my whole geek could blow!!


Frank: *foams at mouth* Must… Get… Apple… Must… *convulses into seizures*

The trick to enjoying million dollar mountain views on the cheap

For those ooooohing and ahhhhing over my latest photos from the place I’m staying at in Colorado, believe it or not I’m enjoying these mountain views from the comfort of my condo for roughly the same price you’d pay for a Super 8 motel.

The strategy is simple:

1. Pick a ski town in Colorado with majestic views you could admire even from a gas station.

2. ONLY GO OFF-SEASON. For ski towns with lakes I reckon that means winter and summer.

3. Find the cheapest condo (but with good reviews) via or Expedia. The benefit is that I can earn rewards and get a free night, which saves me $100+ after every tenth hotel stay I book.


Did yesterday happen?

So yesterday was a blur, LOL. I hit Vegas for all of five minutes, visited the Hoover Dam Hotel that also houses a small museum, then Hoover Dam itself, then to Kingman, then on Route 66 through Sitgreaves Pass to the veritable ghost town of Oatman. I’m glad I took that route instead of doing it today, because I’ve probably seen some of the best views Route 66 grants you during so crazy white-knuckle driving moments. Don’t make a wrong turn here if you don’t fancy a 300 foot drop to your death.

So instead of driving Route 66 today, I’m going to take I-40 to Williams, then visit Flagstaff, Sedona and the Red Rock Park before circling back to Williams for the night. I think I’m screwed here as far as being close to the Grand Canyon goes. Priceline simply will not give me a deal under $100 for any hotel in the Grand Canyon Village or nearby Tusayan, so I may have to use Williams as my home base while visiting the Canyons, and that’s 60 miles away. Tourists suck.

But, I got pics, so many pics, wheeeeeee! I’ll have a chance to start sifting through them all and uploading once I land in Durango for and have time to relax for the rest of the week. Stay tuned!

Ok, I’m done with the world today

So I stopped by the supermarket to get some drinks for work, and of course all the self-checkouts have lines, and the guy in front of me, all he’s doing is buying a wiffle ball and bat, right?

This guy, HAS to pay exact change for some reason. So he’s feeding pennies into the machine, and these pennies keep getting rejected… so he feeds them back again.

One penny! Two pennies! Three pennies! I LOOOOVE to count! AH AH AH!

And I’m standing there watching this, turning beet red with rage, but right before I’m reading to lose it and tell him off, he FINALLY decides, yeah, maybe paying exact change isn’t that important and uses a single.

I’m done with the world today.

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