Going to the dogs (Can a single man successfully care for a doggie?)

I’ve always wanted a dog.  Not just A dog though, but a Siberian Husky.  There’s just something about owning a wolf-like dog that would be one step closer to fulfilling the lifelong fantasy of living in a cabin in the mountains, man’s best friend cozily stretched out near the fireplace, while the world’s best cappuccino machine chugs away in the kitchen.  Hey, a cabin tucked away in a valley somewhere doesn’t mean I’m not without my creature comforts, ya know.

The only thing is, the kind of dog suitable for my current lifestyle needs to be one with the mind of a… cat.  One that wouldn’t get lonely while I’m working, because it pretty much slept the whole day, and one perfectly content with the confines of a dinky apartment (at least until said cabin is eventually purchased.)  You know, the exact opposite of what would keep a Siberian Husky happy.

Siberian Husky Puppy
Hoooosa prettypuppy? Hooooooosaaaaa pretttypuppppy???

I wonder how apartment dwelling single folks do it.  Most dogs are social creatures and can’t be left alone all day, so sans pet-sitting 5 days a week, the only other solution to avoid this is getting a second dog, which is already starting to complicate things more than I’d like.  (Plus TWO dogs in a small apartment? Ehhhhh…)

So if I’m to get a dog now, it’d have to be a breed more suitable to my current living conditions.  And no, I ain’t getting a toy dog.

Siberian Husky Eats Cookie

Ultimately, I think I need to focus on a career change rather than wring my hands over what kind of dog I could manage to take care of.  One that allows me to stay at home while I work, which incidentally would not only make it possible to care for a dog and keep it happy, but allow me to get OUT OF THIS STATE ONCE AND FOR ALL too.

I see a picture in my mind of the near perfect life complete with doggie woggie, but it looks like it will all have to first start with finding  a new job in a new state, preferably one with lots of mountains.

Siberian Husky chills out on lawn
A young Siberian I came across while sightseeing in Telluride, Colorado
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