Yeah, I’m still on the dog thing…

When I think about owning a dog, I envision us spending time together like so:

Jesse Stone with Dog on Bus
Only thing missing from this picture is the Stetson.

Ah, Jesse Stone, a man after mine own heart.  He’s even got the brooding “I hate the world and everything in it” look down pat.  Aside from the loner lifestyle and pretty much the most perfect house a guy could ever ask for (and by perfect I mean rustic, broken down, cheap and way out in the boonies), he’s also got a dog that he takes everywhere.  Literally, EVERYWHERE.  It goes with him to work, home, on patrol, the supermarket, and in the above particular instance, on a bus trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The dog rarely barks, never misbehaves, and is content to sit or lie down quietly for extended periods of time.  The perfect travel companion.

Where can I find a dog like this?

Of course real life won’t be quite as accommodating, as I rather doubt they’ll let me keep my dog at work, nor would I be able to travel the way I usually do, which is usually to stay at snobby 4 star hotels where I ring the bellhop for no other reason than just because I can.  I’d suddenly have to become intimately familiar with every pet friendly hotel chain out there, while researching how I can bring the dog along on flights, if I can even bring him at all.  Kennels would be out of the question, so I’d have to leave it with a friend.  Too bad I don’t have any.

Still, it’s a nice idea being able to take the dog with me on the road, and presuming I have a well behaved one, I’d just have to plan my trips more carefully and accept the necessity of forgoing some of the perks and convenience of pet-free travel.  I think ultimately the trade-offs would be worth it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a ton of Dog Whisperer books and TV episodes I need to go read and watch.

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