Is my dream girl real?

This is an old post about a dream I had that I published and rewritten a few times over the years, and while I no longer believe it means anything, I still remember it because it was one of the rare (if not only) times when I was aware that I was dreaming (like Inception). And who knows, maybe someday life may surprise me here and the dream will come true.

So in this dream I met the girl who would become my wife. I was sitting in a Subway (or some kind of sandwich joint) when all of a sudden she just appeared, sitting across from me and holding my hand. I couldn’t see her face too clearly, but she was thin, had long blonde hair, and a beautiful smile. Because I was conscious of my dream state, I held on to her hand tightly and told her I didn’t want to go, because I knew when I woke up she would be gone.

Her smile was warm and comforting, and as she interlocked her hand into mine, she promised me that I would see her soon. And then she was gone.

Usually I dismiss most of my dreams as being sheer nonsense (including the dreams where I’m Spider-man), but because this one was so especially vivid the memory of it stuck around, even years later. I have to wonder… was she real? Did the girl of my dreams really have blonde hair and a gorgeous smile? Will I meet her in a Subway-like restaurant some day?

I do know one thing: whenever I see a sandwich joint like a Subway (or better yet, Jimmy John’s), I take a peak inside, just in case. And then order some roast beef to go.

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