Using the STP Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment to feed the Black Stallion #CBias #engineluv

The shop described in this blog post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions are supremely and awesomely my own.

I was never much of a car guy when growing up, and being an apartment dweller for so many years, I never had an opportunity to work on my car within the comfort of my own property, so whenever an oil change or maintenance needed to be done, I’d just take my ride to the dealer.

It’s a routine that served me very well though: I’ve owned my car for 7 years and counting and it has yet to fail me, needing nothing more than a maintenance schedule I keep track of using software on my PC. Over the years I learned to religiously use fuel injection cleaners after every oil change too, just to keep it all in peak condition.

This time though I decided to up my game by taking a look at the STP Multi-Purpose Motor Treatment, which serves not only as a fuel additive but an oil additive too, touting additional benefits (such as stopping rough idles, preventing fuel line freezes, stabilizing and improving fuel efficiency and more). These were all benefits that weren’t covered by the the run of the mill fuel injection cleaner I usually get, so I was intrigued to see how much of a difference this additive would make, and went out to pick up a can at nearby Auto Zone.

One thing about Long Island though, this may be the only place in the country that could have every imaginable retail and chain store you could think of, and yet not have anything you’re looking for. Sure enough:

Empty Shelf

Walmart was the next closest thing to me, so I dropped by there and THANKFULLY, a few STP cans were awaiting me. I grabbed one and a Pepsi Max, then hit the self checkout machine, (which of course failed on me, forcing me to wait until a cashier finally came around to hook me up). I had my can though, so it was time to hit up my garage and get started. And by garage, I mean the beach:

Captree Bridge on Long Island
Now THIS is where you work on a car.

This is where I usually come whenever I want to spread out and clean up my car without anyone bothering me, and it was a perfect day too. I got out and stretched a bit, then looked to see if I could pour the STP additive in straight from the can. Nope, not quite, the mouth is a little too big and won’t fit through the opening, so I needed to use a funnel.

long funnel
Funny, I don’t remember my funnel being this ridiculously long. Ah well.

After I stuck my funnel in it was an easy pour. The instructions say the 16 oz. can can treat 21 gallons, and while my tank was only 19, I poured the whole thing in anyway. I have no place or room to keep any excess fluids around, and since there were no warnings indicating that my car would explode into a fiery ball of brimstone and death if I used too much additive, I figured I was safe.

I wiped down the funnel when I was done and tossed the can, along with a few other items of trash.

Banana and STP can
I almost slipped on my own banana here.

And that was that. I sat back and let the engine idle a bit before taking off to find a Starbucks and enjoy me some caramel hot chocolate to celebrate a job well done and a Thanksgiving weekend off.

Hyundai Santa Fe and Sunshine
Occasionally, just occasionally, Long Island does give me a nice view.

By the way, If you like up STP’s Facebook page you can get a coupon, so check it out, as well as their Twitter feed for the latest on STP products and promotions.

Not to outdo STP or anything, but I also put together a Google+ Album of my shopping experience, plus an *ahem* blockbuster movie trailer for your enjoyment:

Backup on the Road – A Review of Seagate’s FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive

Collective Bias and Seagate was kind enough to send me a complimentary GoFlex Drive in exchange for this review.

I’m not big on external hard drives, partly because they tend to take up too much room and I haven’t really seen a pressing need for them. In fact the only reason I have a drive for my desktop now is because of the shiny neon lights, and you know how I am when it comes to shiny objects.

Western Digital Neon Hard Drive
I shine and dazzle with my hard driving awesomeness.

It never occurred to me to get an external drive for my MacBook though until I received the FreeAgent GoFlex Pro Drive from Seagate.

Seagate GoFlex Drive Box
750GB?? I’ll take it.

I’ve really been behind on keeping up with the latest and greatest in hard drive technology, so when I opened up the box, I was pretty impressed to see just how small this drive actually was.

Comparison of FreeAgent GoFlex Drive size with wallet
Wow, it’s hardly bigger than my wallet!

The drive came with two cables, and an instruction manual so bare it didn’t even bother describing the difference between the two cables. Apparently one is a standup dock that doesn’t require any specific connection type (USB, eSATA, Firewire, etc.) while the other cable includes a USB module and cable for the drive to connect using plain old USB 2.0. The drive is pretty versatile in that you can purchase additional modules from USB 3.0 to eSATA for just about any connection setup imaginable. The downside though is that they can be pretty pricey, offsetting any potential savings in cost if you need something speedier than USB 2.0, but it does make the drive virtually futureproof.

Since my MacBook still only has USB 2.0, I’m content to use that for now. I didn’t like the fact that the standup dock takes up TWO USB ports, so I used the other cable instead. Connected the drive to my MacBook, and it was immediately recognized by MacBook’s native Time Machine software. It really is just plug and play here, which could account for the lack of instructions.

Seagate GoFlex Drive connected to MacBook
Oh YEAH, we’re hooked up baby.

What I really like about the drive is its ability to be used by both PC and Mac computers. It gives me the option of synchronizing my music, photos and videos on both my desktop and MacBook, which can be REALLY useful. If you get this drive as well and want to set it up this way, check out these instructions first.

I already use an Eye-Fi card to sync my photos and vids between my two computers, so for now I’m opting to use the GoFlex Drive as a backup solution for my MacBook, as well as provide additional space for future videos. My MacBook’s internal drive is an SSD with “only” 128GB of space, so having an additional 750GB to play around with will definitely come in handy. The drive itself includes third party software for syncing and backing up content, but I feel more comfortable using my MacBook’s native apps for that for the time being.

It’s certainly not the fastest portable drive out there, but for my needs it’s perfect, and it’s slim enough that I can keep it in my keyboard case too.  Using this along with a cloud backup solution helps me sleep a lot better at night, especially when I’m on the road.

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