Another depiction of the Brooklyn Skyline (as seen from South Street)

I did some experimenting and created another photographic depiction of the Brooklyn skyline:

Brooklyn Skyline with Ship (as seen from South Street)

I’m much more satisfied with the quality of this version, developed by exporting the original photo from my Canon Powershot S95 camera (rather than using the one I took from the iPhone itself), and then using an app to give it a more artistic look.

Oddly enough I came up with this approach after following the Apple event today announcing the new iPhone 5S.  I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but for some reason this event left me extremely annoyed with Apple.  I think it’s the look of the UGLY AS SIN iOS 7 that’s probably agitating me more than anything else, but I might have forgiven that if they had made a serious upgrade to the camera and battery (which of course they didn’t).  I’m constantly juggling between my Canon and my iPhone when it comes to taking photos, and I was kind of hoping the camera for the iPhone would become polished enough that I could finally use it exclusively, instead of always carrying two cameras.

LOL, I don’t think that’s gonna be happening for a while now.  BUT, Canon’s latest iteration of my favorite camera model (the Powershot S110/120 series) has WiFi capabilities, which means if I upgrade I could set it up so that every picture I take on my Canon can automatically be wirelessly transferred to my iPhone, and then from there I can edit and share it online accordingly.  (I actually have this ability already on my S95 by using an Eye-Fi card.)  The above photo was a trial run of doing precisely that, so it seems like this new workflow could work out very well for me.  I can keep my iPhone in my pocket, and only pull it out when I’m ready to edit or share.  MUCH easier than constantly juggling back and forth.  The last thing I need is to be doing that only to watch my phone or camera slip through my hands and sail away into the depths of the Grand Canyons somewhere.  Not quite the life changing experience I’d be looking for.

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