Did yesterday happen?

So yesterday was a blur, LOL. I hit Vegas for all of five minutes, visited the Hoover Dam Hotel that also houses a small museum, then Hoover Dam itself, then to Kingman, then on Route 66 through Sitgreaves Pass to the veritable ghost town of Oatman. I’m glad I took that route instead of doing it today, because I’ve probably seen some of the best views Route 66 grants you during so crazy white-knuckle driving moments. Don’t make a wrong turn here if you don’t fancy a 300 foot drop to your death.

So instead of driving Route 66 today, I’m going to take I-40 to Williams, then visit Flagstaff, Sedona and the Red Rock Park before circling back to Williams for the night. I think I’m screwed here as far as being close to the Grand Canyon goes. Priceline simply will not give me a deal under $100 for any hotel in the Grand Canyon Village or nearby Tusayan, so I may have to use Williams as my home base while visiting the Canyons, and that’s 60 miles away. Tourists suck.

But, I got pics, so many pics, wheeeeeee! I’ll have a chance to start sifting through them all and uploading once I land in Durango for and have time to relax for the rest of the week. Stay tuned!

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