Why do I keep having these recurring dreams?

Last night I had a dream that’s been a recurring one for years:  I somehow find myself back in school, it’s finals week and I missed half the final exams I was supposed to take, while the other half I’m totally unprepared for because I skipped out on most of the classes.  The dream always ends with me on the verge of flunking out and failing to graduate.

There are times when I wake up afterward that I’m almost convinced I never finished college.  I realize this is probably some form of  anxiety manifesting itself in these dreams, but what I find interesting is the deja vu I experience during them.  There’s a feeling that I’ve done this all before, maybe because somewhere stored in the deepest crevices of my mind was the truth that I HAVE in fact done all this before, yet for some reason I was going through it again.  Still, I knew somehow that I did in fact finish school a long time ago, and that may have been partly why I wasn’t making the effort to attend classes and prepare myself for finals.  I remember in some versions of the same dream I’m visiting the records room just so I can locate my transcripts and find the evidence I needed to prove I had already graduated a long time ago.

I wonder if there’s some hidden meaning to these dreams that hasn’t occurred to me yet, especially since they continue to recur.  Maybe some dream expert reading this can weigh in?