This comet had better put on a show for me if it knows what’s good for it…

One of the things that I love to do that I never do is stargaze.  Being in New York, I’m lucky I can spot the moon let alone Orion’s Belt with all the light “pollution” I have to deal with here.  I remember one time there was a meteor shower that took place a few years back, so at 2AM I went out to the beaches to see if I could find a nice quiet, dark spot to enjoy the show.


If it wasn’t the orange glow of the street lights that ruined it, then it was the 8 million other people at the beaches who all had the same idea.  And they were LOUD.

“Oooooooh look at that one!  OOOOH LOOK AT THAT ONE GO!!!!  OOOOOH….”

*face palm*

So that’s one of my dreams, finding a pitch black place on earth with no one around from which I can enjoy the stars, or some celestial event taking place, like this particular comet that’s planning to prance about our solar system this year.

To help with the cause, I also picked up Dark Sky Finder for the iPhone, perfect for helping me find those lesser known spots away from lights and people.  The only downside is my abject fear of visiting a place so remote that I might either A) get eaten by bears or B) get robbed naked… and then eaten by bears.

That’s why I also dream about watching the stars with that special honey swoogie poogums, mostly so that if something bad happens, I can trip her up while I run for my life.

I keed, I keed.  Besides, I’ll never meet such a special girl anyway.  There’s having dreams, and then there’s having fantasies, after all.

So anyhoo, if there’s one resolution I’d like to make this year, it’s to find a great vantage point from which I can enjoy watching the comet.  Which of course, the aforementioned article, in all its verbosity fails to address.  All that talk about the comet and yet no mention on where the comet could best be seen from.  Helpful.

Ah well, I’m sure more details will be forthcoming, and with any luck it will provide me the perfect excuse to go back to say, Colorado, for some righteous star peeping.  *grins*

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