Losing a Shepherd

Pastor David Wilkerson SmilesI originally wrote this in 2011, but posting it again here to honor David Wilkerson’s memory on the anniversary of his death.

Taking a break from my normal blogging after receiving the heartbreaking news that my favorite pastor, David Wilkerson has passed away.  He died in a fatal car accident 85 miles outside of Dallas.

David Wilkerson’s ministry was the inspiration behind the book and subsequent movie, The Cross and the Switchblade many years ago, but I knew him more for his more recent works and Times Square Church Pulpit series newsletters, written sermons I’d receive every three weeks by mail. These newsletters did more to feed my soul than any church ever could.

In a time when we have used car salesmen like Rick Warren teaching fluff and polluting the gospel into a marketing campaign, Wilkerson was one of the precious few who told the hard truth, about the need for repentance, about turning away from sin, about trusting in God for all things, and that suffering and afflictions were in reality a large part of the Christian walk, despite what prosperity teachers might otherwise tell you.

I could count on one hand the voices in modern day Christendom that I could trust explicitly, and now one of those voices is gone.  It’s despairing to consider the loss of somebody who’s had such a profound impact on my life, and I wonder, what do we do now?  Who can I trust to feed me the word of God wholly and uncompromised in Pastor Wilkerson’s stead?

Indeed, many of the stalwarts in Christianity that I’ve grown to admire all my life are now in their twilight years, and I fear to think of what will happen once they pass on.  We seem to be fast approaching a time when there will be no left to preach and teach the true gospel of Christ.

My prayers are with Wilkerson’s family, and for the speedy recovery of David Wilkerson’s wife.  May God grant them much needed peace during this time of grief, and take comfort in knowing that he is now in the company of prophets and angels.

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