Welcome to my one millionth, illion, faffillion, gababoolionth blog!

So who am I? Well, I’ve been writing on blogs and elsewhere for the better part of the decade. I consider myself a geek, but not a nerd, (nerds are smarter than me after all). I’m also a Christian, single, in my thirties *ahem* twenty-nine 😁, addicted to coffee, Apple products, and the open road. I feel more at home in a wilderness of my own making (hence the name) than I do with the human race in general, whether it’s hiding out in my home while reading a novel on my iPad, or sipping delicious gourmet coffee on a mountain in Colorado away from everyone and everything.

I also have an opinion on, well, just about everything, and I feel I MUST share these opinions with the world (hence the blog). Whether it’s on relationships, world events, politics or Christianity, or geeky gadgetry goodness, there’s always something out there ready to trigger my muse and evoke my thoughts. It’s part of my journey in life, always looking, always searching, whether it’s to find my purpose, my dream girl, or just the best pizza in town.

Thanks for reading.

— Frank

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