I hate the Internet

Almost everything I read these days is pure dreck, and what makes it worse is the anti-speech mechanism by which many sites now censor or remove any comment of yours simply because it “triggered” their soyboy sensibilities.

So in other words, when I come across an article written by a millennial (because it is almost ALWAYS a millennial) that was about as pithy and intelligent as a rhino farting out a bush it ate earlier, I feel the compulsion to let that millennial know what I think:

“You sir, are an absolute f$%king retard.”

But in order to even make that comment, I first have to register, so I register, post the comment… which then gets moderated.

Or, it gets posted, and then quickly removed, and my newly registered account is banned. The net result is that internet browsing has been reduced to coming across a swath of mindless crap, but without any means to express my frustration at just how stupid and vapid of intelligence these mewling ninnypants are. All I can do is yell at my monitor.

This doesn’t strike me as a healthy way to live.

What’s worse is that it doesn’t seem to matter what topic I’m currently researching the internet on, whether it’s service dogs, or finances, or relationships, or religion, everything I read seems to be pure brain damaged, nonsensical, weed induced idiocy.

This doesn’t mean I know better, in fact the whole point of me researching is that I don’t know better, and I’m seeking to inform myself about things I’m not an expert on to grow in knowledge. But I do like to think I have a good B.S. meter, and I can glean when a self-acclaimed expert of a particular subject knows boink all what the crap he or she is on about.

I wonder if things have gotten worse, or if I’ve just lost all patience with humanity in general. It used to be that while I would find plenty of dissenting views, there was at least enough aforethought and critical thinking that went into it that I could respectfully differ without openly wondering whether their IQ was even above zero.

Apparently those days are long gone now.

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

4 thoughts on “I hate the Internet”

  1. I think your view of the situation is real. The situation has become aggravated now, and there are many reasons for this – the virus, and elections, and protests ..

  2. What’s up man, I saw your long island post and it is awesome a nd mostly correct. The funniest part of it is that it has 495 comments, the same interstate designation as the Long Island Expressway LMAO, i guess they were right, you can’t escape Long Island-ness lol

    1. Good luck, I would say Nevada might be better, especially the Reno area, which is metro enough like Long Island that you won’t be lacking in the same type of amenities and stores. Utah was always too weird for me, as beautiful as some parts of the state was. 🙂

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