Living in the shadows – Christians who have gone Galt

I’ve often considered myself to be a stranger in a strange land. No matter where I turned, I remained a lone square figure trying to fit into the circle of life, particularly when it comes to trying to find fellow Christians who believe as I do, where we have enough of a common bond on which to build true fellowship.

But today’s churches are so completely given over to apostasy, tossed to and fro from every wind of doctrine, that there appears to be no respite left. You must believe a certain way and conform to a religious system, or else. Any attempt to reform and fix what’s broken results in you either being shown the door or being shunned. If a corrupt system that continues to “crucify Christ to an open shame” will not change, what is left for the remnant of believers to do?

I decided I had enough of Christians, and one occasion declared them to be idiots with a diminished mental capacity and an absolute inability to discern good from evil. I was angry and admitedly painting with a broad brush, but it was instructive to see how professing Christians reacted to my rant. Rather than express sorrow that I felt the way I did, they declared my frustration to be the result of wrongfully judging Christianity based on a handful of bad micro-experiences that I had with churches. You see, they are just so awesome and wonderful, and these incidences I experienced so incredibly rare that the problem MUST be on my end. It simply couldn’t be possible that we were in the midst of an epidemic that polluted the well of Christianity to such a toxic extent that it’s hardly recognizable today. Christians today continue to eat, wipe their mouths, and insist that they have done no wickedness.

Churches have become unclean systems of cliques, corruption and heresy. The Bible makes it clear that rather than continue to participate therein, we’re to come out from among them and be separate, “and touch not the unclean thing.”

Or in essence, the religious version of going “Galt.”

Because we live in a generation that refuses to listen to reason, refuses to change, refuses to look within and viciously attacks those who dare to shine a spotlight on their evil deeds, there seems to be little recourse other than to fade into the shadows. After all, why continue to dwell where you’re not wanted?

I wondered if there was a biblical precedence for this. Are true believers operating outside of God’s will by removing themselves so completely from the picture that few even know of their existence? That certainly seems to be the life I live now. I only experience peace and closeness to God when I stay away from other Christians, as much as I can, as often as I can, living as a contemporary hermit in a cave of my own making. And while the loneliness can be wearisome at times, there is safety and tranquility within these walls. But was living this kind of life a sin?

Then I remembered Elijah’s story, who at one point had become so exasperated with the futility of his ministry that he bluntly declared that he was the Only True Believer left. That is, until the Lord told him He had preserved over 7,000 people who equally did not bow down to Baal, evidently so deeply hidden in the shadows that Elijah was completely unaware of their existence.

It makes me wonder, as quick as I am to believe I am also the Only True Believer left, how many others like me are living in their own caves as well, and if the time we spend here will also be only for a season. It is telling that while God admonished Elijah for hiding out in the mountains, He also showed kindness, gave him hope and then clear direction on what to do next. As ideal as it might have been for Elijah to have never left to begin with, it was understandable to see even an anointed prophet like him become burdened by despair and so bewildered by what he experienced that he sought respite in the mountains away from everyone and everything. It was a process he had to go through, before his faith would finally be renewed and he could move forward confidently again. I saw his experience as an example that we may not always be where God wants us to be, but He will still meet us where we are. More importantly, it underscored the wisdom of waiting for clear direction so we’re not thrusting ourselves back out into the world flailing aimlessly.

So while I appreciate my cave of solititude and respite, I hope it will give me the space I need to draw closer to God, until the time comes when I receive clear direction myself, so I can become a more profitable servant for His kingdom.

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

16 thoughts on “Living in the shadows – Christians who have gone Galt”

  1. interesting. at first glance “the religious version of going galt” seems like an obvious oxymoron, especially when by religion you mean christianity. religion wants you to conform and “take your cross”, sacrifice yourself for the good of others, john galt wanted the exact opposite: he stood for individualism and the virtue of egoism. you want to keep both your religion and your individualism, but to some extend they are at odds, and probably that’s why you’re conflicted.

    on the other hand john galt left the society to fight for the truth, and as I understand it your reason is exactly the same. in martial arts there’s this technique, that when you’re fighting a much stronger opponent the best thing to do is to use his own power against himself: to pull his punch even further instead of blocking it- that’s kind of what john galt, francisco d’anconia and all the others did- by removing themselves from the society they let it fully embrace its stupid philosophy until the whole system collapsed and there was nothing left. do you think that if all the ‘true’ (by your definition) christians remove themselves from the church, do you think all the fake ones would sooner or later destroy the church completely and then an ‘awakening’ would happen? or rather they will sink the ship and christianity with it? who is john galt? πŸ˜‰

    1. That is a dang good question. One of my favorite pastors, David Wilkerson used to preach about a time referred to as the Latter Rain, where we would experience one more worldwide great revival in the church before the end times. I’m not sure if I believe it, but it’s a nice thought. I do hope there will be some sort of awakening that can help true believers seek each other out and band together so we’re not so isolated from each other.


    2. btw, in my opinion the character of john galt was hugely inspired by Nikola Tesla- whose museum (if I remember correctly) is based in…. Colorado! so maybe you could pay them a visit some time and maybe that would inspire you a write about it πŸ˜‰ Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor of all time (sorry, Kanye πŸ˜‰ ) and he also was a christian but his thoughts regarding christianity were very unconventional. He said that one of his biggest inventions was deciphered from the Bible (from the book of revelation, there was a verse about lightening bolts coming from the throne of God or sth). He also believed that everything is made of light which, if proven true, would give a whole new meaning to Jesus’ words that “he is the way, the truth and the light” or to the verse that says that “god separated light from the darkness and he saw that the light was good”.

      this interview is ah-mayy-zzzziing, although its authenticity is being questioned, still well worth the read (especially given that your alternatives consist of articles written by christian pricks like matt walsh πŸ˜‰ )

      1. Wow, I had no idea there was a museum here. *googles*

        Ewww, apparently it seems to be a scam, just some whackjob who takes you to his basement and rails about UFOs. Weird.

        I did read that there is a museum in Croatia honoring him. Odd, you’d think there’d be more, but apparently Edison got all the love. ?

    3. I think you mean the one in Belgrade, Serbia- yeah that one is quite famous but it’s more historical. If I understand it well the one in Colorado is more about his inventions, and his lab, it’s more scientific than historical πŸ™‚ by ufo’s you probably mean some conspiracy theories- but I would be very open to hear these as well πŸ™‚ I mean you cannot undermine something just because some people who have never even took the time to learn about it deem it to be a conspiracy- and with Tesla there are many things that point to there being some truth to those claims. After all if he really wanted to give free energy to all people- then surely there would be some people whose interests would be jeopardized, who would be very desperate to fight him and hide his invention from the world.

      a few years ago there was a crowdfunding campaign to build a Tesla museum in his old lab, somewhere near New York- I don’t know if it’s open yet though.

      That’s so annoying about this world, that true heroes like Tesla are almost forgotten, and people like Edison are remembered just because they were ***holes. That’s exactly why John Galt saw no room to compromise with the government- because compromising his truth would always give power to those that are only strong with the power of their muscles, not their minds.

      anyways, another place I could strongly recommend you visiting in Colorado is South Park πŸ˜‰

  2. ok, I just read those reviews to linked to- yeaaah, that museum might be a scam. Thank God South Park is still real πŸ˜‰

  3. I found in the MGTOW scene by accident actually a few men (out of thousands) that are indeed, practicing Christians, and not by confession of the mouth….or up on “the glass” of a computer screen. They pray. They read the Word. They believe. They serve………..

    and they are “churchless”

    We have all been on “skype” together a few times…..and the common thread for each of them is “the church is hostile towards single men” and “I got tired of every few weeks being told what I wasn’t doing enough of”

    They are out there. We have praised Christ, chatted, emailed, txt’d and uplifted each other….AND we’re not afraid to gently “call out” sin in our lives and look not just for repentance….but solutions. It kind of reminds me in a way of what the early church may have been like.

    No, we’re not out saving the world. No, we don’t have amazing, exciting jobs……no, we’re not becoming the “men God intended us to be” (we’re already bathed in His blood that was shed for us). No, we’re not going to Africa to save the world. No, we don’t really have lives that are deemed “important” by a worldly (and churchy) standard. We’re just nameless, faceless men who……like in the early church was full of as well. Men who worked, broke the sacramental bread, studied, prayed and listened. Men who knew who they were in Christ.

    They’re out there!

    And like the true humility of a Christian man…….they are not making waves, writing books, or self-promoting themselves. They already know themselves….they don’t have to self-promote.

    1. Sounds like how the early church used to congregate during the time of the apostles. Glad people can still achieve a meaningful degree of fellowship even during these last days.

  4. I thought I was the only Christian refusing to go to church and get sucked into the mess. I just came out of the word of faith movement, but I never totally bought in because I didn’t listen to them all the time, nor did I attend a polluted church. Although I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my walk, I am thankful I never really got tied into a building.

    It seems if you operate “on the fringe”, you’re tagged as one “denying the body” of your gifts. Well, should a patient loaded with terminal cancer get a heart transplant just because their number came up? It may be a bit of harsh example, but I’m not going to attend a polluted church and go to hell just because a set of mega church pastors who have deluded the masses want your tithe and your soul on the broad road. Kiss my road sign!

    The last time I tried going to church was in 2010 and it was a Salvation Army denomination. In the end I left after less than a year because in the end, they didn’t have their priorities right. I could write for days the problems they had, but it wouldn’t make a difference, plus I’m sure anyone could search up the name and find a load of complaints against them.

    I’m not sure if the world or just the mega church culture has even destroyed the smaller churches out there. I do wish there was a real online church for those like us who are sick and tired of the false teachers.

    I was recently attracted to David Platt’s Secret Church, but then when I heard he was a mega pastor, I thought, “Great, another fake after the bucks”. He uses the line about “reaching the unchurched people groups” and gave between 5,500-6,300 groups that haven’t been reached by the gospel. A few days later, I was watching an expose’ on Rick Warren, and I heard the same exact line about all the “unreached people groups”, and I thought, “Crap!! Is there NO ONE out there who can speak the truth?!? They’re all passing around the same freakin’ Cliff Notes, which would be great if this was college, but it’s about eternity, and you’re showing us the door to hell with your hand twisting the knob!”

    His line of “live on less and donate the rest” is a bit more slick than what some pastors are pushing. I might have believed that, but….if he’s taking a job with a very large congregation of 4,500 (reports are now it’s around 196,000 – absolutely mind boggling!!) but says his God leads a mini church….that says the almighty dollar gospel speaks louder than the Almighty Father. I had high hopes for him, only to realize he’s just another fraudster.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I personally can’t stand Pratt, who I think is a disciple of Francis Chan (another moron). He’s another one of those young punks thrust into church leadership against the teachings of Scripture, and it shows. We live in a time now where they only way true Christians can grow is to avoid church altogether and study the Word on their own.

    2. Suzanne

      I am a Salvationist and member of a Salvation Army Corps. It is not a perfect Army, and I personally believe it too has lost it’s zeal and purpose in many areas.

      There is a “movement” currently in The Salvation Army called “primative salvationism” and it is not acknowledged by The Salvation Army, in fact many in the Salvation Army see it as an “upsetting movement”

      What many of us are purporting and living is a straight-up, no frills back to basics Salvation Army of the Victorian-era London. Prayer meetings. Rescuing the lost. Actually “doing something” and not just having Bible study, but using it in practical application to help those on the streets. Conviction. Repentance. True, heartfelt Godly sorrow, and bravery to go and actually HELP people instead of sitting in another “boring” Bible study.

      We’re out there! Like I said, The Salvation Army of today is a far cry of that of the 19th century…..but many of us across the USA honestly WANT an Army with boots in the mud, saving the lost, healing the broken, reclaiming the sinner and living a life as a true soldier (being physically fit, ect).

      I am sorry you had a disappointing experience at a Salvation Army Corps. If there is anything I can say to you on behalf of fellow believers (lukewarm), let me know. I am proud that you as an outsider had the courage to say it. I am not offended, but I do empathize and feel your deep concern…..and many of us IN The Salvation Army are indeed trying to do something about it! With love!!!!

      btw…watch this clip. This was what His Army used to be, and to God His grace, it returns! Not to just our church, but to all of them!!!

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