9 thoughts on “First attempt at making a chicken crust pizza”

  1. Yum. Thanks. I’ve never heard of coconut flour. This thing will be more exotic that I expected. Will probably be a week, or so till I try it, but I definitely will.

    1. It makes for a great low carb, wheat-free alternative for certain recipes, but you can actually make it without the flour and it will still come out fine. I think it works more like a binder in this case.

    2. Can you use garbanzo flour? I made some cauliflower fritters (from my favorite site, The Kitchn) and they were super tasty; the garbanzo flour is pretty neutral; a leeeetle pricy, but not horribly so.

    3. I’m sure you could, the coconut flour serves as a binder, but I bet almond flour would work to just to give it a more nutty flavor. 🙂

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