Happy Resurrection Day – What it means to be a new man in Christ

Lately I’ve been thinking about the wisdom of writing about things that annoy me.  (And believe me, there are a LOT of things that annoy me.)  Generally, it is very easy to encourage provocation and controversy by blogging, because so many of us live to get offended and outraged over every little thing in life.  Sometimes that’s good, because it can stir up a call to action or cause people to reconsider positions and beliefs they once thought were correct.

But at some point, it starts to turn into a grind.  The same talking points get rehashed over and over and over again, and rather than moving onward and upward, there’s a growing sense that we’re all just spinning our wheels here.

Lately I’ve been reading the following verses:  “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8

It’s very hard to reconcile that with my proclivity to be easily angered by something I’ve read on the news, or on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and think, “OMG, WHAT A STUPID, STUPID IDIOT, I MUST IMMEDIATELY BLOG ON THIS AND EXPRESS MY SUPREME RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE AT THIS STUPID, STUPID IDIOT FOR BEING SO STUPENDOUSLY STUPID IN HIS/HER STUPIDITY!”

And indeed, the last few times I was tempted to blog were precisely for those reasons.  If I never showed any restraint, my blog would just be this neverending stream of negativity on why the world sucks methane filled balls of epic fail.  And yes, it may even be true more often than not, but eventually I have to ask myself: why cry over spilt milk?  It is what it is, and ranting endlessly on a blog isn’t going to change anything.

There are times when I do need to vent, and I can see the wisdom in expressing an opinion on a topic, if for nothing else than just to get it out of my system.  But once that laundry’s been aired, is there any sense in rehashing the same old things yet again?  If this was all I ever did, when am I ever going to have time to think on those things that are good, pure, and lovely?

Granted, there are a lot more bad things in this life than there are good, but that’s all the more reason why we should make the extra effort to focus on the good.  I’d like to see my blog become a source of personal development, where I chronicle the things I’ve learned and experienced to help me become a better man, shedding the old man (and the bitterness therein) and putting on the new man, one who learned to let go of the bad, and holds fast that which is good.

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

11 thoughts on “Happy Resurrection Day – What it means to be a new man in Christ”

  1. I don’t know much about you – just stumbled upon your blog yesterday. I poked around a bit and found some commonality and decided to subscribe. Nodding my head along with this post and looking forward to more…

  2. easy to anger is a young thing… as you mature you then have been through this stuff “repeatedly” over and over and over again. Like dogs that I train, with the repetition comes another or different road… the one of knowledge, or been there done that, which is maturity cause that comes over TIME…. then you will get to this plateau where you then ‘stir it up’ and sit back and smile. hehe… Next you will get through that and come to this place where you ‘see’ it and move on. You are growing… hugs

  3. Good for you! Trying to not let the negative distract you from the good in the world is a full time job. Oddly, it took watching my father get sick, suffer for two years and then die in December to get me to change my perspective on things. Here’s the thing — I can either mope around and miss dad or I can be thankful I had a father worth missing. I’m of the opinion that the latter attitude is the healthier one.

    Here’s the point — once you can find the good in a terrible situation, finding it in day-to-day stuff is a lot easier. It may be cliche, but life really is too short to get bogged down with a bunch of nonsense.

    Of course, a strong faith helps. Living here in the beautiful South doesn’t hurt, either 😉

  4. The churchianity post and this are on target. I remind myself that Christ was the Living water and the living church. Hence my squeezed feeling when “the Way” is relegated to a time and place for the Sunday club.

    Francis Chan has some refreshing thoughts on living Christ’s Way. Many prefer the church’s structured social guidance in grace and sanctification. Heading: human nature.

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