Love letters from the internet

An email from one of my blog visitors:

hello sweety ,
compliment of the day to you. my name is miss Sofia i am 23yrs old, i went through a profile that speaks good of you, i took interest on it . if you dont mind i will like to know you much better. i came on line to search for a true love, for my missing bone, for my loss Angal. if you are that my bone i have being searching i will be hapy to see you writing back to me at my private e mail encluded. GODbless you as your replying to me , take care. best regard miss Sofia

She had me at bone. 🤩

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

9 thoughts on “Love letters from the internet”

    1. I got one like that as well, something about offering to marry me in exchange for buying her a stove to her keep her warm during the cold winters. I replied that no stove was necessary, the strength of our love alone would keep her warm.

  1. Miss Sofia sounds like she’s not shy to “put herself” or himself out there (ladyboy alert)…for the love of a greencard if my instincts still serve me right,lol… Frank, supposing this one hurled your lonely way, there must be an urge to exploit the manner from wherever, surely, esp.considering dating sites, havent had much to write anywhere about you 😦 lol…that urge would obviously need strong prayer overcome…hashtag some letters need never be written ha ha ha…poor lonely gullible hearts out there, next thing Miss Sofia will be fooling them with fake sexy photos and requesting money and gifts be sent to her “cave” 😮

  2. Very high standards indeed, on the verge of delusion hey,lol…you are too funny and “frankly” too fussy for an unmatchable Mr…what shall we do with you I say :-)…we darent sit and watch you get more grey by the day alone til you grow old alone “in the wilderness”…goodness gracious me…

  3. I´d bet Corona in a gold bottle “Miss Sofia” is a guy! That´s how this kind of scam works: Some guys sit in a run-down internet cafe anywhere in Abuja or Irkusk and send out this kind of mails in thousands a day, often including photos (like from 80s pornstars). There are always some idiots falling for it and the scammers are raking in some big money…

    1. It’s also possible she works for a mail order bride agency that scams people. They hire a few of these girls to write letters all day and even talk on the phone or video conference to give the appearance of legitimacy.

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