Trekking through the Grand Canyons and Arizona

Finally got some free time to drop a few more pictures from my October road trip.  That GPS photo BTW was a screenshot of my iPhone while I was traveling to Sedona in Arizona.  Smooth sailing and then like a hundred switchbacks before I could finally get into town.  LOL

Sedona is an amazing place though, plus I managed to get some decent time in at the Canyons before an unholy abomination of humanity descended like locusts onto the place.  Right before the government shut it down, of course.  Once I left the Canyons I traveled through the Navajo Nation and stopped by the famous Four Corners (also owned by the Navajos).  I definitely recommend stopping by there, as the Navajos maintain a flea market of amazing arts and crafts that you can purchase as souvenirs.

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

4 thoughts on “Trekking through the Grand Canyons and Arizona”

  1. Beautiful!

    Did you happen to visit Petrified Forest National Park? Years ago we did an overnight outback hike there. It was amazing! Some kind of bobcat or something jumped out from behind a log at me, scaring me half to death before it ran off.

    1. I would have but it was too far south. I was so irritated by my experience at the Canyons (the crowds and the fact that they shut it down while I was inside) that I hit the gas and floored it out of Arizona as quick as I could. I may go back to Arizona to visit the areas I’ve missed, just not to the Canyons (South Rim). I’m loathe to admit it but Arizona is a beautiful state. If they would just get rid of John McCain once and for all i might like it even more.

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