I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air…

I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not…

*breaks down, puts up old iPad on eBay*

Him: OMG, Frank is gonna spend all his money on yet another overhyped Apple product, somebody stop him!!!

Frank (imitating Scotty): But KEPTIN, I have to do it, the new iPad is 0.5 pounds lighter!!! If I don’t get it, my whole geek could blow!!


Frank: *foams at mouth* Must… Get… Apple… Must… *convulses into seizures*

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

12 thoughts on “I will not order the new iPad Air, I will not order the new iPad Air…”

  1. Need help here Frank. What do I buy? I need something for all my books (nook &kindle) on a single device. Should I get an iPad or a Surface (and we’ve already my technological cluelessness, so let’s just leave it alone)?

    1. *points and laughs at technological cluelessness* HA HA!

      If Kindle were your only need, I’d normally recommend the Kindle PaperWhite instead of an iPad. The Surface has a really poor form factor when it comes to just reading books. I found the landscape size to be awkward and it’s too heavy too hold for simply reading e-books, and it’s not really built for that purpose. But since you have Nook books you’ll need to convert them to a Kindle supported format for use on a Kindle. However, with the iPad this really simplifies things as you would just need to download the Kindle app for your Kindle books and the Nook app for your Nookies. Easy peachy, no messy conversion process needed.

      So for you, I’d suggest an base iPad Mini, either 16GB or 32GB, with wifi only, $400-$500 respectively. I would stop by an Apple Store first and use both the regular size iPad and the Mini, as you may or may not prefer the smaller 7 inch display size of the Mini.

    2. Is apple coming out with a new mini? should I wait for one?

      (I inadvertently used the term “thingie” to one of my tech today. He hung up one me.)

    3. They just announced the brand new Minis yesterday, it starts shipping November 1st, so it should be in Apple stores first or second week of November.

    4. I haven’t bought the iPad Air yet, but I did buy a new MacBook Pro. Don’t ask me how much I paid for it though, I already passed out once today.

      1. Here – i’m sending you some virtual smelling salts. Do you have any blood left or did THE MAN drain you dry?

    5. The man can’t keep me down, due to my wheeling and dealing to cut the out of pocket cost of getting a new MacBook from $2,400 to $800.


      1. Well when it comes down to it, I can spend all my time making money..

        …or I can spend all my love making time…

        But if it all fell to pieces tomorrow…

        Would Apple still be mine??????

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