6 thoughts on “The view from my balcony at a condo in Dillon, Colorado”

  1. there’s actually a place called dillon, inneresting. i bet it’s route 1335 that leads there. and the hikes must be amazing when your legs are turned into spaghetti 🙂

    1. i speak in songs, like pentecostals speak in tongues 😉

      motorized hiking is an oxymoron, sir, that is everywhere outside of u.s ;). i suggest you discuss this matter with your future dog before you jump into a relationship. strong aversion to walking might be a deal breaker for her 😉

    1. haha, just get a matching one 😉 oooooor, you could try dog sledding with a skateboard or rollerblades. imagine flitting between the cars, no ny traffic could stop you. after all it’s concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do 😉

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