4 thoughts on “Scratch another item off the bucket list, I’m finally here!”

  1. remember how coyote could run in the air chasing bugs bunny as long as he didn’t realize there was no ground underneath? well i have this conspiracy theory (which may come as a shocker, i know but bare with me) that it’s only possible when you’re a cartoon. if i was standing at the point from which you took this picture i know i would be tempted to try my theory, and run. the view is really that stunning. so try not to run, at least not in that direction, don’t give into temptation, talk yourself into believing this one conspiracy is actually true 😉

    1. Don’t worry, the biggest temptation was to push obnoxious people off the ledge. I can’t believe how easy that would have been to do here. No guard rails at all in most places, and it’s a one mile drop. O_O

    1. I’ve seen other breath-taking sites that can compare to its beauty. What ruined it were the tourists, too many braying and loudly stampeding all over the area, despite this being the kind of place that should humble us with its beauty and put us in a quiet, reflective mood about how small we are as humans compared to everything else God made.

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