What a good compromise looks like

So what if I met a girl, and she liked the water, but I liked the mountains?  I guess we’d have to move here:

Ship on water with mountains in backdrop
Source: Head like an Orange

Works for me.

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

13 thoughts on “What a good compromise looks like”

  1. deep and surprisingly swift after your rant at you know who in your last article Frank, guess something does come out of the many days you spend in your mum’ s basement after all…Guess your bubble is complete with mo “excess baggage- no children from her past”…careful she doesn’t suss out your egotistical straight talking intorelable tendencies and abandon you at sea and spend the rest of her peaceful days in penance up in the mountains…Ha ha ha…deep picture and thought shared though Frank,ming your beautiful mind hasn’t failed overally to deliver, so far 😉

      1. @Frank, delusional as well are we, concerning but swift….gets the anti-Frank campaign pumped up, result…hope you are having a good week daydreaming of la la land, seas and mountains, yawn,lol :v :v :v

  2. Elpseth cringe, if I had dated him I would definately have shown him the curb or left him in his mum’s basement by now,I find some of his approaches to driving a point home, a bit on the harsh side in some of his posts…otherwise I do commend him for the absolutely beautiful wierdly attractive mind 😉 @ Frank…subtle putdowns are my forte hey,lol

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