Why do I keep having these recurring dreams?

Last night I had a dream that’s been a recurring one for years:  I somehow find myself back in school, it’s finals week and I missed half the final exams I was supposed to take, while the other half I’m totally unprepared for because I skipped out on most of the classes.  The dream always ends with me on the verge of flunking out and failing to graduate.

There are times when I wake up afterward that I’m almost convinced I never finished college.  I realize this is probably some form of  anxiety manifesting itself in these dreams, but what I find interesting is the deja vu I experience during them.  There’s a feeling that I’ve done this all before, maybe because somewhere stored in the deepest crevices of my mind was the truth that I HAVE in fact done all this before, yet for some reason I was going through it again.  Still, I knew somehow that I did in fact finish school a long time ago, and that may have been partly why I wasn’t making the effort to attend classes and prepare myself for finals.  I remember in some versions of the same dream I’m visiting the records room just so I can locate my transcripts and find the evidence I needed to prove I had already graduated a long time ago.

I wonder if there’s some hidden meaning to these dreams that hasn’t occurred to me yet, especially since they continue to recur.  Maybe some dream expert reading this can weigh in?

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

32 thoughts on “Why do I keep having these recurring dreams?”

  1. Frank, I have the same one. Also, I dream that I didn’t actually graduate from college because I never took any of the Phys. Ed. classes (back in the day Penn State had mandatory PE. – I ended up doing “independent study”). I wish it would go away already.

  2. Wow. This must be a common one. I dream that I have a job AND I’ve gone back to college. Then I realize I haven’t been to my job because I’ve been at school, and then when I go back to work, not one seems to notice I’ve been gone, but then I realize I’ve missed school. This reoccurring dream is one I’ve had for YEARS.

  3. Here’s a comment on my FB wall regarding one possible interpretation, I’ll leave y’all to ponder whether it might apply to your dreams as well:

    School = Your spiritual journey, the way you learn things on your walk with God.

    Final Exams = You’re being tested spiritually right now by all the crap going on to you and around you.

    Not Prepared for Exams = You already know the Bible front to back, right from wrong, etc. Why should you have to go through all the learning AGAIN?

    On the Verge of Failing = The tests are harder/more ridiculous than you thought and you’re starting to panic, even going so far as trying to find proof that you don’t need to do this again.

    You’re being asked to look at God and things around you from a slightly different spiritual perspective. Same view, different angle. This is an angle that perhaps you’ve never stood at (once someone finds their spiritual spot they like to stay in it and start to feel like it’s the only spot on the mountain where the view is perfect) but it’s one you may have dealings with in the future. You’ll need to relearn the same information in a different way in order to be effective in the roll God has for you in the future, otherwise you’re just going to stumble around and maybe even fall off the mountain because you don’t know where to step in this foreign spot. You’re going places soon… better get prepared.

    …Or maybe it’s just a meaningless dream. *shrugs*

  4. here i come to the rescue! first things first, so here are my credentials: this wednesday night a friend of mine was interpreting and analysing dreams for me in my dream- i guess this means that i’m on some deeper level of inception, which makes me an expert for the sake of this post. unless of course you also dream one night of my friend interpreting you your dreams, in that case you should listen to her 😉

    the first part of my interpretation is what you should do next time you dream it, and you should fail. don’t be so scared of it, and don’t fail just slightly, fail miserably! then continue the alternative version of your life as a collage dropout. maybe you’ll be like steve jobs or bill gates, you’ll come up with a great business idea and be a bilionaire (in which case i take 10% comissions be it in whichever reality). the de ja vu feeling is the gate for the stream of consciousness, that’s where frank1 has to tell frank2 the instruction, so be alert, both of you.

    and here’s the rest of my interpretation: i think time in its lineal form might be an imposed concept. this reality might be just as real as the dreams we dream, we just do not have any reference point outside of it to compare it to. so what if you subconsciously know your future, you know what is going to happen (just like in your dream you knew you had already graduated), but for some reason you got stuck in the present, where you have to relieve the same things all over again, and repeat the struggles even if you resolve them. it’s as if a grain of sand got stuck in the cogwheel of reality and you’re left with one song being played on repeat. the good news is, there must be a bright future ahead of you :). the bad news is, who knows how to spot and remove the grain of sand in this giant machinery?

    1. *relive not relieve. sometimes even my browser spell-check is no relief for the pain of my dyslexia (the pain being on the readers’ side of course, as i’m blind to it). what a grain of sand it is! 🙂

    2. Funny you say that as I do tend to get a weird sense of deja vu in real life as well. Like, I’m CONVINCED that I experienced a particular event before (buit I can’t remember if I dreamed it or if it’s just the habitual nature of life throwing me a loop), but because of that feeling I know what’s going to happen next. Why can’t I get deja vu when it comes to the winning lottery numbers? 😛

    3. i mean, i just gave you an insight into how to find possibly the best business idea which you could then implement in this form of reality, which could give you a way better story than just winning the lottery. look at the bigger picture, pinky! it’s not just the reality loops we’re talking here. your reality seems to be full of tangles and knots, which blinds you to see your full potential, just as much as i’m blind to my terrible spelling 🙂 so what are you gonna do next time you dream that reoccurring dream? yes, you’ll try to take over the world! (my commission fee remains unchanged 😉 )

    1. OF COURSE YOU WANT ONE! What self-respecting, nerdishly-inclined person does not want a Pinky & The Brain T-shirt? To even suggest otherwise is just downright crazy talk.

  5. Sigh, I missed those days. Used to hunker down watching Animaniacs and eating microwaved pizza while I awaited word from all the 8 gazillion companies I sent resumes too so I could land my first job after college.

    Uh, on second thought, no I don’t miss those days, just the cartoons, lolz. And the pizza.

  6. i see from the twitter bar that you’re trying to provoke the deja vu effect by repeating sentences, so sneaky! hope you manage to outsmart the system 😉

  7. You know – ever since leaving school I have never – not once! – dreamt I was back there; at least not so that I would remember it. Guess what I dreamt about tonight? I think you started an epidemic or something 😀

    1. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were all trapped in some Femimatrix. Although, I’d expect the universe would be a little bit more pink if we were…

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