Game On: Planning My Fall ’13 Trip to…


Boy oh boy, I can’t wait to get there so I can FLEE the city as quickly as possible in my rental to kick off my road trip!

“But Frank, you’re a single and ruggedly handsome dude, Vegas should be the PERFECT place for you to meet hot girls!”

Why yes, I’m sure Vegas is rife with beautiful, sweet, modest God fearing girls who are just waiting for someone like me to come along and sweep them off their feet.  Said NO ONE, EVER.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Vegas will actually be the launching platform to kick off a road trip that will take me from Sin City all the way to Denver in Colorado.  If you took my Fall Trip poll (in the sidebar) you can see the winning vote was for the Canadian Rockies instead, and in fact that’s where I actually plan to go next year.  But for this year there were a couple of reasons why I wanted to do Las Vegas to Denver instead.  One, I had meant to go to the Grand Canyons during my road trip in 2011, but after traveling literally near 2,000 miles on my own, I was too wiped out by the time I reached Salt Lake City to keep going, so I had to cut that portion of the trip out.  Visiting the Canyons will finally finish what I started back then and cross another item off my bucket list.

The second reason basically sealed the decision for me, and involved quite possibly meeting THE girl of my dreams.  Her name is Bonnie Lee:

Bonnie Lee in the Mountains

Bonnie Lee represents an emerging breed of dogs known as the American Alsatian, bred to resemble the looks of the Dire Wolf and with all the traits needed to make it an ideal companion dog.  That means a lower energy dog with a markedly reduced work drive that the average family can better handle.

I’m planning to meet up with one of the breeders who is president of the Vallecito Alsatians kennel in Durango, Colorado, and because Durango would have been one of my stops even if I hadn’t found out about these dogs, it looks like it was meant to be after all.  I’ll have a chance to familiarize myself with this amazing breed as well as have a chance to meet Bonnie and see how we hit it off.

In addition to meeting the dogs, my trip will also include sightseeing at Hoover Dam, visiting Sedona in Arizona (as well as the Canyons obviously), passing through the Four Corners to Durango, then visiting Pagosa Springs, then Santa Fe in New Mexico and finally a relaxing stay in Colorado before I return home.  I can’t wait.

Author: Frank

One man journeys through history and the world in an epic search for truth, justice... and great pizza.

8 thoughts on “Game On: Planning My Fall ’13 Trip to…”

  1. Has anyone told you that they have trouble commenting? When I hit the post comment it says page not found……………trying this in google chrome instead.

    1. Oh lighten up, I’m just teasing. If it happens again let me know, though it was probably a glitchy connection with Jetpack, which is what connects my comments to

  2. Sedona is pretty cool. I enjoyed a visit there years ago. I recall that it’s one of the world’s “psychic vortexes”. Being a twin, while I was there, I figured I’d tried to send a telepathic message to my brother using the additional “signal boost” that I would figure a psychic vortex provides to increase the telepathic powers people think I absolutely must share with my brother, again – seeing as how we’re twins and all. I sent the telepathic message cautiously so I wouldn’t induce eye pulses, ear bursts, and nose bleeds on my brother’s end of the message. I don’t think he ever “heard” me, but I’m sure Sedona enhanced our abilities so he received it. He’s always been the “duller” twin, so maybe he just didn’t have the sense to listen.

    Be sure to check out the Indian ruins in the hills around the dam. Really cool

    1. I wonder if I can use this same vortex to communicate with the future girl of my dreams, or at least get an inkling of who she might be.

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