10 thoughts on “If I ever met the girl of my dreams and we ran away to the mountains…”

  1. Beautiful.

    HHG and I did tons of camping and hiking before we had kids. One of my favorites was when we hiked the Chilkoot Trail from Alaska through into the Yukon. Waking up in the morning, crawling out of your tent and then boiling water for coffee while you watch the sun come up together over the mountains…*bliss*

    1. Wow, that is some wilderness territory right there. RESPECT

      Alaska is definitely on my bucket list, I’m tempted to take the highway snaking through Canada just for the experience.

      1. I passed through Bellingham on my way to Seattle after just coming back from Vancouver last fall. I don’t think I could have ever been happier to be back in the States, as Vancouver was just full of FAIL. Although I do think I’d like to visit Vancouver Island next time I’m in the northwest.

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